Event Artist

Steve sherman

Announcing steve sherman as the 2017 Luau & Legends of Surfing Event Artist


Few artists approach their work with the raw enthusiasm that Steve Sherman does. Whether he’s photographing Kelly Slater in a private moment or filming a music video on the streets of Tijuana, like a war correspondent braving a hail storm of machine gun fire to tell a story, Sherm dedicates 100% of his being to a project. Raw, gritty, and with an insider’s perspective only someone who has been the photo editor of both Transworld Surf and Surfing magazines can ferret out, he imparts on his work an aesthetic and energy all its own. Sherm lives his life in a constant state of motion. Not only does he spend countless nights a year in beds not his own, but, no matter what the setting, he’s forever making minute corrective adjustments that ready him to capture even the briefest of moments. It’s those stolen glances that give viewers of his work a window into not just his subjects’ lives but often their souls as well . - Joel Patterson

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Thank you to all of the artists who have contributed in past events.